Over 50 And Looking For A Job? 10 Tips For Success

Do not give up, even though it may take a while. How long? There is no once size fits all answer. However, according to The Balance Careers, “Over time, experts have estimated it would take very, very roughly one month to find a job for every $10,000 of the paycheck you would like to earn. So, in theory, if you were looking to earn $60,000 a year, your job search could take six months.” Remember…finding the right fit for you is more likely to be a marathon, not a sprint! 

Take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep. Visit the Healthy Living section of AARP’s website for free content tailored specifically to the 50+ job seeker: AARP Healthy Living

Find time to relax. If you appear to be stressed out, it will show! Relaxation: 6 Relaxation Tips To Reduce Stress Fake It Till You Make It: Makeup Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired

Decide what types of jobs you are “currently qualified for” and “willing” to do. In Need of a Change? The Complete Guide To Career Change After 50 Finding Yourself After 50? Which Career Is Right For Me?

Research the employers that hire those types of jobs and learn everything you can about the industry, the work, and especially how they hire people (most public libraries have free Internet). Google is your friend here. Research employers on their websites, find their job ads and study them. What keywords pop up frequently? What can you read between the lines? Read news articles and research competitors within the industry. Their websites and news articles about the organizations are a wealth of information on what they truly value, such as vision, mission, etc. 

Apply to jobs using methods that they favor based on your research, follow-up, and apply to others. Follow application instructions to the letter. Now is not the time to showcase your creativity in circumventing their process. Human Resources is your friend (as long as you aren’t a headache for them). 

However you decide to apply, make sure you present yourself honestly and in a fully professional manner (both on paper and in person). Don’t Even Go There: Lying On Your Resume–Here’s How You’ll Get Caught Dress For Success: Dressing For Interviews

Network with professionals in the field and let them know you are looking. Two Words–Linked In. YES, you do need a Linked In Profile! It’s free, and it’s essential. One word of advice on Linked In…This is not the place for pictures of your cat and grandchildren. No bad language, no politics, no unprofessional online behavior. Your potential employer is watching, and it matters! Linked In is the place for being yourself, but the professional you. Join professional groups, post industry related articles, participate in professional Q&A…Get noticed! Once you have your profile set up (complete with professional looking headshot), add the link to your resume. Get On Linked In Today: Your Professional Online Presence

Be creative and dedicated in your search efforts.  Wishing or getting angry, or depressed, will not help get you a job. Read positive news stories, read positive books, follow positive Facebook pages, and interact with positive people! Check out this guy we just found today…it’s his actual name: Mr. Positive’s Blog

Believe in yourself! 1d4c9d57837bb77b202f2a687bbc0ec8

Until Next Time…

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Our mission is to provide career tips and items of interest for over 50 job seekers and workers...because a little silver is career gold! ********** About Anthony Casas: Anthony has many years of experience in the management of service sector, manufacturing and governmental organizations both domestically and abroad. He is a former Vice President of Human Resources and US Army veteran who has also worked as a regular and online instructor for several universities. Anthony earned a doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology as well as a Masters degree in Human Resources and Organization Development from the University of San Francisco. In his spare time he enjoys exploring new places with Lisa, perfecting his cooking of Mexican food, and reading a good book! ********** About Lisa Casas: Lisa spent many years raising two children while simultaneously completing THREE degree programs, a B.S. in Business Management, M.A. in Human Resource Management, & finally, a M.S. in Management of Nonprofit Agencies. Upon graduation, she set to work providing strategy consulting services for nonprofit organizations and micro-businesses. Lisa is a strong advocate for the nonprofit and small business sectors, scoliosis causes, and animal rescue/adoption organizations. She loves to spend time with her family and three rescue dogs, is an avid reader of bestsellers, and a collector of vintage brooches. Additionally, Lisa just transitioned to her natural hair color--decidedly salt & pepper, and has a special interest in authenticity and "owning your age" for 50+ career women. ********** About Us: Lisa and Anthony have been married over 22 years and they share a passion for helping people.

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  1. Great advice. Some industries are worse for older adults than others. McDonalds seems to like to hire older Americans. Did not work there as a teenager, and fortunately have the option to not need to work there now. (I did have some fast food stints in the early days, just not Mickie D’s.)

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