Older Job Seeker: Your Age is an Advantage, Not a Liability

Thank you Patricia Edwards, for this wonderful, upbeat blog filled with great advice for 50+ job seekers! *REBLOG*


Marty was adamant that she was not landing a job interview in her field of technology solutions marketing due to her age.  When she called, she told me that she expected me to disagree with her but I didn’t.  Silence on the other end of the phone followed when I replied, “Marty, I agree it could be a strong factor why you have not heard from one of the 16 companies you contacted or submitted applications to.” “Oh?, she replied.  “Tell me more and how you can help.”  So I did.

Yes – job seekers over 50 have a tougher time finding work but there is good news.

 The Age Advantage

Both recruiters and hiring managers are changing their attitudes towards older job candidates.  Many are impressed by decades of experience and they know the benefits of an older employee include:

  • better attendance
  • company loyalty
  • less drama


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Our mission is to provide career tips and items of interest for over 50 job seekers and workers...because a little silver is career gold! ********** About Anthony Casas: Anthony has many years of experience in the management of service sector, manufacturing and governmental organizations both domestically and abroad. He is a former Vice President of Human Resources and US Army veteran who has also worked as a regular and online instructor for several universities. Anthony earned a doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology as well as a Masters degree in Human Resources and Organization Development from the University of San Francisco. In his spare time he enjoys exploring new places with Lisa, perfecting his cooking of Mexican food, and reading a good book! ********** About Lisa Casas: Lisa spent many years raising two children while simultaneously completing THREE degree programs, a B.S. in Business Management, M.A. in Human Resource Management, & finally, a M.S. in Management of Nonprofit Agencies. Upon graduation, she set to work providing strategy consulting services for nonprofit organizations and micro-businesses. Lisa is a strong advocate for the nonprofit and small business sectors, scoliosis causes, and animal rescue/adoption organizations. She loves to spend time with her family and three rescue dogs, is an avid reader of bestsellers, and a collector of vintage brooches. Additionally, Lisa just transitioned to her natural hair color--decidedly salt & pepper, and has a special interest in authenticity and "owning your age" for 50+ career women. ********** About Us: Lisa and Anthony have been married over 22 years and they share a passion for helping people.

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